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 Boundless Constrictions

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PostSubject: Boundless Constrictions   Boundless Constrictions Icon_minitime1Sun Jan 02, 2011 9:34 pm

The principles of one being constricted by their own ambitions is interesting. So very interesting, indeed, that it's almost laughable. That is, the sheer prospect of being beaten down by your own attempts to do exactly the opposite. Such a conundrum it is, that the boundlessness of this, forces them to not focus on just one ambition. It multiplies, until it is that of the constrictions themselves. Boundless. This leaves the world thrown into a spiral about this person. The boundless constrictions that control and trap them.

It's a very interesting thought, this small theory, or short story, or whatever you call it. I'm not sure I got the idea across directly, but please comment on it and let me know.

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Boundless Constrictions
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